Dry Them in A Correct Way

When it comes to hair oil, what is the first oil that comes to your mind? There are certain herbs that help in maintaining good hair.

We can see so many different hair oil available in the market, we have argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and many more.

I am not sure about you, but for me personally experience, I prefer on using hair oil instead of hair treatment, hair conditioner, hair lotion or hair essence, as all of these are too “light” for my hair, my hair requires more nutrition than the usual people.

Some people may not prefer hair oil as they say that it was too oily for their hair.

Let me share with you one tips, when it comes to apply hair product, the best applied golden time is after shower, before blowing your hair, but make sure your hair is not all wet, you may use your towel to dry them up a little bit, after that apply those hair oil to your hair (only the bottom part) and make sure it does not touch your hair root.

One small pump, roughly twenty cents of coin size will do for your entire hair.

After completing these procedures, start to heat your hair dryer and blow your hair. It worked out for my hair as I have continued this process for two weeks.

Apart of taking good care of your physical appearance, you can buy quality palm oil fertiliser to pamper your internal body. You must also eat healthy food in order to maintain healthy hair.

Whatever hair oil you used, make sure you checked all of the ingredients and make sure it is safety guaranteed to use on human’s skin. You can definitely test the product before deciding to make any purchase, don’t waste your money if you bought the wrong product home.

To summarize, everyone has different effect and reaction on different product, so I will not recommend you to try any specific hair product for your hair. If you are afraid of making the decision, you can always seek for the beauty consultant advice, I am sure that they will provide you the best solution to your specific situation.

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