Healthy Diet Myths Truth Been Told

Healthy Diet Myths Truth Been Told

Have you ever been told about the so-called good food vs. bad food? No, I’m not talking about the quality of the food, whether it is frozen product from New Zealand or any frozen food Singapore. What I mean is that if you ever been told that egg yolk will make you fat and anything which comes with the title ‘organic’ is safe to be eaten while others are not? Well, I believe everyone has heard of it. Are those dieticians around us always correct? Do they talk based on facts or are they merely reciting whatever which had been said by their great ancestors? Well, fret not, because this article is here to crack some common myths in food consumption. And you are are a business owner, it is extremely important to watch your diet.

Myth no. 1, egg yolk is bad for you.

Well, hold on a second there. Before we accuse egg yolk of being the criminal, let’s digest the fact that even though egg yolk is high in cholesterol, it is low in saturated fat. And the real thing that increases cholesterol level in blood is FAT. So, it is a fat lie saying that egg yolk is the main culprit for high blood cholesterol in our body. Next time, eat the entire egg yolk!

Myth no. 2, coffee will soak your body fluid like sponge and cause you to urinate almost all that you drank.

Well, yeah, of course coffee will increase urine production but it’s just a mild one as compared to what people have been saying. Coffee still has a lot of fluid in it and taking it two to three times a day will supply you adequate amount of water inside your body. (But not too much sugar, please!)

Myth no. 3, low-fat of everything is better than the ones without it.

Look, I can cook a double cheese burger, grill it with BBQ sauce and later calls it low-fat double cheese burger and I would make money out of it in no time. People, fat is not in the food pyramid for nothing. We still need fats in our body. Fats consumption is still important as it is rich in calories, thus, making you feel full shortly after eating which can be useful to limit you from eating another portion. Yes, it is advisable that we should be careful of our fat intake, but never exclude fat from your diet. Besides, you should also watch out for low-fat food, where the fat which has been taken out is now being replaced with sugar! You must also know the benefits of various herbs for your body.

All in all, do make your own research before accepting everything your dieticians tell you to and approach any frozen meat singapore supplier.

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