Is your desire to welcome a child into your home?

We are so glad you are interested in our Foster Children Adoption Service.  We have developed a great Florida program to assist Florida families only who desire to both, adopt child(ren) that are approximately 6 years or older, as well as, assist children in foster care who desire a forever family to love them.  Hope For Families Foster Children Program will assist you by acting as a representative for your family.  Adopting parents who desire to adopt a child from another state outside Florida or county outside the one you current reside, are generally required to have an adoption agency represent them and act as the receiving agency in the adoption process because of Federal, State and Interstate Compact Regulations.  We invite you to look at The Heart Gallery to see some children that are currently available. However, you will need to have a Home Study before you can inquire. Our agency will provide you the home study and adoption profile you will need to give the agency responsible for the children.  The task of searching for suitable children and finding the availability for the children is entirely your task and is not included in our fees for this program. Some people might depends on their ranking on Google SERP to choose the adoption centre, which is the SEO program that some of the adoption centre are doing currently.

Basically, with every child(ren) that is posted as available for adoption, there will be a window of opportunity in which you may have the option to submit your inquiry for the child.  At some point the caseworker will discontinue accepting home studies.  Usually this occurs when the agency begins to review the home studies with the process taking time and in many cases months.  They will begin to narrow down the home studies until they have approximately 3 families they feel will be potential matches for the child(ren).  Though the time frames may vary depending on the agency, all of the child(ren)’s information will be released to Hope For Families and to you, with personal identifying information redacted. This will definitely occur prior to the matching committee meeting.  After the caseworkers have selected the approximately 3 families they want to take to committee to be reviewed, each family may possibly have the opportunity to talk with the caseworker and foster parent(s) to obtain additional information (though this may vary depending on the agency).  The family will then need to verify that they would still like to be considered as a potential placement for the child(ren).  If you want to move forward at the matching committee meeting please see the matching/representation fee on the cost sheet. The committee will then meet to decide which placement will be the best option for the child(ren) available and their particular needs.  Each family will be notified of the outcome of the conference (whether they were selected or not) and may even be provided with feedback from the committee.  If your family is selected as the best match for the child(ren), the process of placement begins. Evaluation interviews will be every 30 days until final approval.  At this time we can represent you as the receiving agency, assist in the finalization of the match, exchanging placement information, supervising the placement and conducting the mandatory post placement visit and writing the monthly reports until finalization.(please see Receiving Agency fee on cost sheet)  This process usually includes the family going to visit the child(ren) at least one time and all legal matters being settled prior to the children crossing state lines.  This process tends to be a relatively short period of time (approximately 1 month, but may be shorter or longer depending on the particular situation).  After the child(ren) are placed in the home, there will be post-placement visits and reports and the process will begin for finalization of adoption.  Our experience has been a time period of approximately 4-6 months after the child(ren) are placed in the home that the adoption is finalized.  This information is a brief and generalized overview of the process as we try to make this an easy and enjoyable process.  Time frames are purely approximations from our experience and no guarantees are being made.  The process varies slightly from state to state and agency to agency.  In most cases, the post placements are usually paid for by the sending agency but if not, there will be additional costs for visits and reports and all costs are available on request. Do check out their website as well for more information about child adoption.

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