This website will provide you with detailed information on our Interstate Foster Children Adoption Program.

This program is designed as our lowest cost option on child adoption programs allowing you to begin the Interstate Foster Children Adoption Program process for only $8,500.  It facilitates the adoption of younger Foster children (post infant). These Foster children are available through the Interstate Foster Care system. These children are eligible to be adopted out of the States’ child foster care system. Parental rights have become terminated in these adoptions. They can be adopted at lower costs because of recently enacted laws that allow easier facilitation of their adoption.

In this new adoption program offered by Hope For Families, you receive a full disclosure , by law, of the specific background information on each foster child, as well as all health and medical information concerning the foster child. You can adopt through this Interstate Foster Children Adoption Program with full disclosure about your Foster child and have the peace of mind that you are completing your family with that special Foster child of your choice!

Interstate adoption assists needy Foster children without parents find permanent loving families!

There are over 500,000 children in the US foster system and approximately 114,000 children are currently available for adoption. You can begin to search for Foster children through 125 links we will provide for you, but you will need to register for the Interstate Foster Children Adoption Program information first in order to utilize Hope for Families as your receiving state agency. There are strict rules designed to protect the safety of Foster children that restrict the release of information to private citizens, and the various Florida and United States state agencies will only give you the child’s information, and consider you for the Interstate Foster Children Adoption Program if you are working with a local licensed adoption agency.

Hope For Families, facilitates the adoption of Foster children who are usually 4 years and older, and sibling groups are available with no additional fees. These Foster children are living in a foster home in a state outside of Florida and are eligible to be adopted out of that States’ foster care system. Parental rights have already been terminated in these Interstate Foster Children Adoption Programs and so all placements across a state line are for permanent child adoptions according to federal regulations.