Alligator Jerky

Made from alligator tenderloins,All Natural,100% alligator jerky is an all-natural healthy snack for your family. It is perfect as a breakfast,lunch or dinner snack. Each piece of jerky is cut off of the alligator and then seasoned and prepared in a different way to create a rich and flavorful product. Most jerky is marinated with water,spices,salt,soy sauce,natural flavorings and other seasonings that help to preserve the meat for up to two months. Most alligator jerky products are sold by the pound and half. There is also dehydrated jerky available in the market that can be purchased by the bag,half a bag,quarter a bag,or even by the pound.

There are a lot of jerky recipes that you can use for preparing Alligator Jerky. You can find jerky recipes for all types of meats like chicken,turkey,fish,beef,pork,lamb,duck and venison. You can also find jerky recipes for vegetables such as spinach,squash,carrots,and cabbage. For your vegetarian friends,you can find jerky recipes that are made from corn,potatoes,squash,tomatoes,beans and other similar vegetables. There are even jerky recipes that have tofu in them. And you don’t have to limit your taste buds to only meat products if you are looking for something new and delicious to give your family.

If you are interested in preparing Alligator Jerky for your family,here are some basic cooking techniques that you can use to prepare it. You can also find detailed directions and information on how to make different types of Alligators Jerky. The great thing about Alligator jerky is that you do not have to know much about cooking to prepare it. Once you learn how to prepare it and get the basic techniques,you will be able to cook a delicious and nutritious jerky without any difficulty. The next time you go out to dinner or take your family to a restaurant,you can prepare your own Alligator jerky and bring home the family favorite snack.

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