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    Definition of a Foster Child

    What is a Foster Child? Here, we will help you understand the specific definition of a Foster Child and why they are so special for adoption!

    Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward (foster child) is placed in the private home of a state certified caregiver referred to as a “foster parent”.Of the almost 500,000 children in foster care in the United States, there are currently 115,000 children who are waiting to be adopted and permanently placed into loving, stable families because their parents rights have already been terminated!These children may have a wide and diverse variety of ethnicity including Caucasian, Hispanic, Afro-American, Asian or bi-racial combinations.There are slightly more male children than female children in foster care. Adopting parents can select the gender of the child or children they intent to adopt.The children available for interstate adoption are usually 4 and older, and infants never seem to be placed out of the sending state. Adopting parents can select the age range for the child or children they want to adopt.

    Sibling groups are most common, and to keep the family intact, sometimes younger children are available when the older siblings are being adopted. Adopting parents can adopt several related children at the same time at no extra fee.

    Most children who have been in foster care have experienced some type of abandonment, neglect or abuse, and so may have special needs. Often these dear children have attachment, emotional or behavioral issues, learning or developmental delays, and suffered post traumatic stress. Less often there are physical or health issues but full disclosure of all reports is provided by the sending state before matching or selection of adopting families.

    Closed or semi-open adoptions are typical as the parents rights have been terminated, so that the biological parents have no identifiable data on the adopting parents and can not interfere or ever challenge the adoption placement.

    Initial information on available children is gained through reviewing the Heart Galleries, Adopt US Kids and the 120 plus websites we provide for our families. Also many children who are available for adoption have not yet posted publically for a variety of issues of safety, legal process and local policies as the agencies work collaboratively to place them.

    Every year over 20,000 foster children are adopted by families, and yet more children also enter the system each year!

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