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    Post Placement Supervision

    One of the most important parts of adoption is the post placement counseling and supervision of the child or children who are making their adjustments into your family. After the child(ren) has been placed in their new home, there will be monthly face to face post-placement visits and reports to prepare for finalization of adoption. Our experience has been a time period of approximately 4-9 months after the child(ren) is placed in the home that most adoption are finalized. The most common time line is 6 monthly post placement visits and reports but this varies state to state. Most post placement visits take about one hour and the parents and child(ren) need to be present. Time frames are purely approximations from our experience and no guarantees are being made as the process varies slightly from state to state and agency to agency. The sending state pays for these clinical services and reports so there is no charge to the adopting family in the interstate program.

    The following is a list of the type of questions asked during the post placement interview, but this is only generalized. Specific issues will be focused on depending on the needs of the children and family. In addition to the visits, we also recommend that the adopting parents phone either Dr. Brown or Andy every week or whenever any clinical issue may arise. We will assist you in creating a treatment or education plan for your child(ren) and assist you in linking up with the medical, educational, counseling and social services in your area.

    Coming to see you with your new child(ren) to help you forge strong family bonds is our joy and great privilege!

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